Timer widget output selection - Possible bug? iOS

The problem I found that if using digital pins as the output.
If you change the output to be ‘1’ at off and ‘0’ at on, this gets ignored and does the standard ‘0’ at off and ‘1’ at on.

I found this after looking at another members issue and I was trying to control the onboard LED on a Wemos D1 mini. The LED activates low, hence why I was trying to invert the on/off state.

This is probably the worst explanation ever but is easy to reproduce (I haven’t checked using virtual pins)

Edit: Latest iOS beta

Yeah, I see the issue. Thanks for the report!

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The issue was that the pin settings (low-hight values) were ignored during firing the signal, always using 1 as high (at start time) and 0 as low (at end time).
Fixed in 2.26.1 (5) build (available for beta testing in Testflight)

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Thank you - will test and report :slight_smile: