"Timer" vs "Time Input" Widgets

Hi Blynkers,
The “Timer” widget is the little brother of the “Time Input”, this is clear, but I’m wondering if you could perform the “Timer” widget as the “Time Input” and avoid stop the project to change its timers.
On the other hand, the information provided at the “Time Input” is fine, we can see start/stop time and the days selected meanwhile using the “Timer”, the only info we can see is the start time…

Can you change a little bit the “Timer” and add the Stop time to be displayed and at the same time be able to change both fields “on line”?

I think it could be perfect! Thanks

Hello. Thanks for suggestions. Agree, timer should be refactored. That’s for sure :slight_smile:.

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As I’ve discovered the new timer input widget, I was expecting the same behavior as from timer widget but more detailed. It took me some time to figure out the timer input widget is just informative :smiley:

That’s not how I would describe it.

My description would be “a scheduler widget to control the time and day when your events are triggered”.

IMHO This widget is really useful and powerful, I’m testing a small programmer for the whole week with different setups, this could be the final dashboard:

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Hi Jose,

What Widget did you use to implement the “Clock” and “Wifi” info on your Blynk App?


Hi @Badge,
It’s just the “Labeled Value” display and the emojis from my smartphone keyboard. Easy :slight_smile:


It was very good.
I’m interested
How did you do it?

Nothing to do with me…
This is just the (Time Input) widget by itself…
Please, check its properties and you will find everything inside.

did you use the “timer” or “timer input”?

Time input mate…