Timer problem

Hi to all

i have a problem with my project

I set time to start and stop (example)

I set in App start at 8:00AM and stop at 8:10AM

at 8.00 lamp turn ON…if i have a blackout for 1 min… Nodemcu restart and lamp is turn OFF but in timer status (in App) is HIGH …it is possible to resync ?

Problem is : i need to read status of timer in app and reSync with NodeMCU!
Have a example??

You need to use VitulSync at boot


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thanks very much, i try but not found because timer is a Trigger ! :frowning:
you have idea about code to apply ?

Code is same as specified in link above.

i try but not found, can you send a example for apply ?
now i apply

void setup()
timerSync = timer.setInterval(5000L, sync);

void sync() {