Timer + Button with same pin

Hi. I’m new with arduino + Blynk for a month. I need to ask a question. I use Button to trigger pin D2. D2 trigger a relay to on/off a lamp. I need to set timer to on/off lamp in fix time every day. Can Timer do that? I try Timer and it need to trigger another pin, can Timer use same pin D2 with button?
I has a Gsm shield, can this shield work with Blynk?

thks so much


You can’t assign both widgets on same pin. But you can do that via Virtual Pin.

@vshymanskyy should know better.

thks Dmitriy for your reply. Would you please give me some samples of Virtualpin?

GSM shield could work with blynk, but currently you can only use HTTP API.

UPD: this is no longer true: GSM is supported by Blynk natively.

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@NHN hello. Now you can. With latest Android version - New Android Release 2.9.0

That’s wonderful. Thanks