Timeline tab in device view

I have a PLUS subscription. My Android app version is 1.9.0(119).

On the mobile app there used to be a timeline tab next to the information tab in the device view. On my Android device this timeline tab is no longer there. It still is on my IOS device. Hitting the … in the right upper corner of the device view, I only see info that used to be in the information tab, no timeline tab anymore. Has the timeline info moved to another place (I searched around but did not find it)

The timeline info is still visible on the web console.

thanks for your help.

Hello @pierredebuysscher , this is admin acc? I mean user with role Admin?


@pierredebuysscher please check permission in web console in your acc

Admin ON; Staff ON; User OFF

Need an investigation


It looks like it is a bug in the 1.9.0 version. We are fixing it and reuploading it with the same version name - 1.9.0. I think tomorrow it will be available to update/autoupdate.

Thanks, but let me be sceptical when bugs are fixed without version nr update. A perfect recipe for trouble.

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I understand that it may lead to confusion, but this release has been just rollouted to a small percent of users, that’s why I don’t think it is necessary to bump version.

It’s your call but how will those people that already have upgraded (most of them automatically) know they have to upgrade again. Will playstore allow this or will people have to delete their current version before they can upgrade?

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Play Store operates by version code, which is different from version name you see as ‘1.19.0’. It will auto update if auto update is enabled and will show update button when it is not enabled.

Sorry but I was not aware of the difference beween version name and version code. It just adds to the confusion :wink:

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Probleem solved. Thanks.

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