TimeInput widget - virtual write

Hardware: nodemcu, WiFi
Using Blynk server
Blynk lib: 0.5.1

I am trying to update the days using Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, startAt, stopAt, tz, days);
When I am using strings like “1”, “1,2,3” it is working as expected.
What should be the string when I want to reset all the days (none of the days will be selected).
when I try " " or “” : nothing is updated.
when I try “0”:

  1. Android does not deselect the days on the display (keeps the last “valid” days
  2. IOS crashes permanently when I restart the Blynk application

I had a similar problem when trying to reset the time: Reset TimeInput Widget from Hardware
What happens if you vitual write “-1”?


-1 is working just fine
Thank you very much