Time widget or Animation instead of time input


Why have you removed the Time widget? What is the aim to use much more complicated time input? Why can’t I torn on and off relays via automatisation?

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i have read lot of pieces of differenet solutions, but never seen a complete code. Could anybody share a code where there is a logic for time relations? I have to use a relay between 2 certain times via changeable input. I want to get the currect time from Blynk server.

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The Timer widget was replaced by automations.

The Time Input widget is also available as an Automation if you prefer that approach rather than coding with the widget.

If you do want to use the Time Input widget then the solution varies significantly depending on whether you want offline functionality with a hardware RTC, or online only functionality.


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In the automation feature I have set 2 actions one is turn on the relay and the other is send an email to me.
After the action I have received the email but the relay stays as is. With digital buttons I can turn on and off the relay via that datastream.

Why is that datastream independent from the automation?


I think you’ll find that this is exactly how the Timer widget worked too.
It would send an On command at the specified time and an Off command at the specified time.
If you chose to independently adjust the state of the virtual pin value then you’re simply overriding the timer and those changes weren’t reflected in the Timer widget. The Timer widget would simply keep sending the On and Off commands each time the specified time came around.

It seems that you’re looking for some other type of functionality in your project, but it’s difficult to advise on the best way to achieve that simply based on the comments you’ve made and questions you’ve asked so far in this topic.

Maybe you should back-up a little and write a functional specification for your project then share that and ask for ideas about how best to achieve it.



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I had found the problem. I had 2 devices with the same template, but I assigned the wrong device to the automation.

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