Time Input widget not showing data

Hi every one.

I has been using blynk to control my aquarium lamps for more than one year with no issues

I’m using ESP8266 NodeMCU and the Blynk app is running in android phones.
Blynk Version 2.27.10

Last night it was a change to summer time in my country. All clocks were set 1 hour in advance.

Today I noticed that the time input widget doesn’t show the data stored. but it seems that If I input any data, the hardware recognize it.

I tried setting the values again, pressing ok, but still doesn’t show any value on the app.

I tried on another phone, and it’s the same issue.

Any suggestions?


  1. I tried the uninstall and reinstall of Blynk, and the problem persist.
  2. I deleted one of the time widgets and created again, and the problem persist.

As weird it sounds, the problem described disappeared by itself today.

I suppose that something with the automatic hour change caused this strange behavior of the widget by yesterday.

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