Time Input widget allows incoherent settings in Start time and Stop time


I was trying out the time input widget and I have noticed that the app lets you set a Start time at a time after the Stop time. For example:

Start time 15:00:00
Stop time 13:00:00

I have used the Blynk time input example to see the values in the serial monitor.

I think this is confusing and the app should tell you that the Start time must be set at a time before the Stop time.
By the way that the time input widget is set I get that the Start time should be use to trigger the start of a process and the Stop time should be use to stop that process. I know that one can change it in software.

I hope that my logic is not wrong, but the fact that a user of the app can set (by mistake most likely if using the AM/PM setting) a Start time at 15:00:00 and a Stop time at 13:00:00 on a same day is not ok.

I guess via software one can make a notification telling the user to set a proper time if that happens, but I think the widget must not let you set a Start time at a time after the Stop time.

If this behaviour is intended i would like to know the reasoning behind this, to see if I am missing something.

Thank you for your time reading this! :slight_smile:


Yes I hear you. Now it’s up to you to generate a warning in your code…

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That’s what i am going to do, but i think i shouldn’t have to do it, since it seems to be a simple condition to use the widget. :thinking:

What if I want the timer to run past midnight? I think it should be allowed.

This would “start” at 15:00 and “stop” at 13:00 on a same day, so it will “run” for a week if you only select one day.

I think if you want some process to run pass midnight you either select all days or have the code manage it in some way. But I bet that’s not the intended use of this start/stop feature.

I don’t think the widget allowing you to set the start time after the stop time is coherent with a start/stop scheme. A user might get confused.