Time input. why so difficult?

Began to deal with the time input widget. It is not clear why all complicated seconds. Not perhaps you can’t just issue a virtual pin HIGH or when reaching LOWN time.

How to make so that in the period of time in a virtual pin recorded HIGH, and if the time is not a good condition LOW?

Hello. Maybe you need just Timer widget? Or Eventor Timer event? Seems like they do what you need. Time Input is for another goal.

Dmitry, I Russian and also Dmitry. Give your e-mail please. Essentially … I need to in certain period of time the relay was included. Not a timer. Namely, the interval of time.

You would be best to program that into your code using SimpleTimer and it’s interval settings


I do not understand … I need to in certain period of time included relay. Widget TIME INPUT as precisely and configurable. But how do I enable relay D7 precisely promezhtok timer, which is set in the widget TIME INPUT

It is better to use forum so others can get help from it. You can send me private message here with russian so I could better understand what you are trying to ahcive,

Correct. That’s what Timer widget does - http://docs.blynk.cc/#widgets-controllers-timer

My Friend, then it seems Time Input is not suitable in this case. For periodic (preset or programmed as constant) code execution a simple timer as pointed by @Gunner should do the job at its best. As you may noted, time input widget is just for passing a time into hardware. If nothing changed, than It just passes given ‘human readable’ clock values (a day time and few other params) by means of few integer values which are easier to implement into code.

I think what you are trying to do is as follows:

At a specific time of the day, activate a relay for a set amount of time.

In this case TIME INPUT will call a function attached to a virtual pin. Then you need to have some code in that function that will activate the relay and wait a preset time before releasing the relay… but without holding up everything else.

Along with the SimpleTimer option, you can also look at something like a millis delay