Time input on multiple devices (work with tag)

anybody has an idea how to use time input widget on multiple devices? say i have 15 device in my project and would like to start / stop all of them at the same time. how can i do this?

it is planned to add souch functionality to this widget?

Bridge widget will take care of that.

yeah, but ideally i would like to have the same fw on all devices. if i use bridge, than it has to be a master and some slaves. and if the master goes offline for any reason, the system won’t work at all…

Set the 14 slaves up with RF transmitters than can reboot the master :slight_smile:

oh, i wasn’t prepared psychically for this solution…

But if all identical, then just use same auth code, then all devices will act as one. Yes, that makes for some interesting (and potentially useless) input from sensor data :stuck_out_tongue: but it does work fine for control applications where one timed action activates in 15 different locations.

I’m curious, can’t you make a dummy project, not bound to any mcu, just use its Auth token as a “master”? All you do is talk to server with this Auth token? Could it work?

@Gunner, as i would like to use these units for heating control in a building, i DO need completely distinctive virtual pin control and sensor data. plus, according to the devs and topics on this forum, using the same token is not recommended and can cause funny anomalies. so this approach is out of question.

however, in the last months i’ve spent a lots of time and developed a core “operating system” for esp based sonoff devices. that is quite polyvalent and possible to use with different sonoff models and different sensors (auto detects at startup). this is in beta stage and still needs lots of polishing, but so far works ok in some projects.

this way, i can re-use the same fw (with very little mods) on new projects. i just need to set the token and sonoff type, the rest of the fw is the same. i try to structure it like a library (kind of), thus the original base fw (core) can remain the same, and if special functions are needed in a particular project, i can add it in separate files, without touching the core. i hope that in the long run this will make fw maintanence much easier.

@Fettkeewl, the method with one master and bridge probably could work, but i would like to avoid that the whole system (building) to depend on a single esp.

actually, the biggest advantage for me, of using lots of standalone units is that the system is kind a redundant. if something fails, only a small part of the building is affected.

EDIT: @Fettkeewl, ok, i misunderstand your idea with the “virtual” project. i see now. it could work, i will give it a try! :wink:

I think you missed my point, I was wondering if one could run a project without any hardware and have that project itself be sort of a master, then it wouldn’t be dependent on one mcu :slight_smile: only of the Auth token for the master project

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yeah, i already realised, but too late :slight_smile:
i have edited my previous post!

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hm, but if i think deeper, the bridge widget needs real code on the hw to work. so, i STILL need a hw…

Could use the http api?

I see… I took “same FW” literally.

So in the case of Time Input, if you want one input to control multiple devices, then that infers that all of your devices activate at the exact same time? If so, then I think your OP request should be along the lines of Allowing Time Input to work with Tags - @Dmitriy?

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ah, yes, this is true. maybe i didn’t explained very clearly, but tags is what i need!

Correct. Tags should help you here. I never checked TimeInput with tags so you are welcome to try it :wink:. It should work just fine.

I tested this and there is no option to use any created tag, only one of the existing devices.

no option to select tags here!


this is bug?

We limited some widgets in order to minimize efforts for tags feature. Maybe it is time to fix that.