Time input example please


Does the time input widget output a 1 when the conditions are met and a 0 when not? Or does it pass on the info input in the wiget?

How would I implent digital 14 to be high at the start at time and low at the stop at time?

Currently I have time input on V30
In my code I use BLYNK_WRITE(V30) param.asint()==1 style of code much like monitoring a button on a virtual pin. Is this correct?

@dylan1024 are you using the Arduino IDE?

If you are, there are 2 examples in the IDE, Simple example and Advanced example.
If you are not, ask Google where the Simple and Advanced TimeInput examples are on Blynk’s Github. I would provide the links but better if you learn how Google works.

My example is at Timezone conversion for the Time Input widget