Time Input App Widget Issue with Sunrise/Sunset

I found what appears to be a bug in the app interface for the Time Input widget. I am running the Android Version 1.10.3 (128) of the new Blynk 2.0 IoT App.

Whenever allow sunset/sunrise selection is selected, the hour and minute selectors do not act normally.
For example, if 1 is selected for the hour, the only minute option is --. Additionally, all the hour selections are one off. Ex. hour 1 = 2:00, 2 = 3:00 and so on.

If the sunrise/sunset selection is turned off, this bug appears to go away. Can someone look into this?

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At the end of this week, we will release the 1.10.4 version with several fixes, among them - a fix for this issue.

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Thank you, much appreciated.