Time in SuperChart widget

Hi All.
In my project I have problem with SuperChart widget. If I tray use cursor it shows time with shift forward on 5 hours.
So my Time zone is (GMT +03:00)Europe/Kiev. If current time is say 09:14 - on widget cursor is shown
09:14 + 05:00 = 14:14.
Why it may be?
Android Ap 2.20, project based on an ESP8266, used the last Blynk library.
Thank You.

Does can anyone tell me such time shift is a widget bug or I configured widget not correctly?

Well, the time is stored on a server and is server based. There is no TZ config in SuperChart. If the TZ in the smartphone is correct, then… @Dmitriy??

@klg hello. what is your timezone settings in phone? @BlynkAndroidDev please take a look.

Thanks for reply.
I am sorry. Current time shifts if I observe project in Drid4, in smartphone is all Ok.
I setted time zone in Droid4 and now nothing problems.
Thanks and sorry All.

So you have no issues with TZ anymore?

Now I have no issues with TZ in Droid4.