Tiles with two virtual pins

In the project such us thermostat it will be very useful if there is a tile with this functionality:

  • can display a value of one virtual pin,
  • act as a button/indicator for another one.

For example, V1 is temperature and V2 is a relay state. A tile will show temperature value and relay state (like in a button template).


you can do that by scripting and styled button

We develop custom templates for commercial use.

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@Blynk_Coeur, what scripting do you mean? Will it still be a tile? I want to use tiles because i do not know how many devices will be on system.

like that

V5 V6 V12 : styled buttons


I’m a little late to the party …


@Marcin_Postek was asking about the Device Tiles widget. You weren’t claiming this “scripting” can be accomplished in the context of a (non-commercial) Device Tiles widget, correct?


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