Tile size improvement

Is it possible to add some new templates with smaller sizes so more can fit on the screeen of my Android phone? Right now the height of each templates, which only allow one line of data- take up 1/3 of the screen.
Can some new templates with less height be provided or can a height adjustment be incortporated so I can display more templates without having to scroll up and down ?

Are you referring to the device view…

or something else?


I’m referring to the device view when you first open the application on Android- you will see the devices.
I’m sending you a screenshot. You can see how much wasted space there is. There is only one line of numbers in each. Can they

be made not so tall?

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So device size, not template size as it says in the title.


I would like to see the boxes that represent the devices to be smaller so more can be put on the phone’s screen. there’s plenty of Dead Space where which is not necessary to fit the numbers.

This is in development as I’m typing this message :wink:
Also, more visual improvements are coming very soon!