Tile icon >> choose icon >> button close doesnt work

Hi, I am trying to change de tile icon but the button close doesnt work in my app. My blynk version is 3.4.6 (0) and my phone “iphone 13”.



Hello, @pablofsix

Very strange, this should be fixed by now.

What is you tile template? (key value, button, level, color, image, gauge, 3 labels, image labels?)
Probably “3 Labels” or “Image Labels” type?

Did you mean this?.. Close button in Choose Icon tab


I noticed this too. On IOS, there are 2 issues.
The first, minor, is that the search field hides the close button after selecting an icon. It does not close until cancel is clicked.
The second issue is that the close button does not function. The only way to get out of this screen is to force close the application.
Three labels is selected, go into edit / settings, choose icon.

Hello, @actaswu

These issues will be fixed in the next version of the app. This is only reproduced for “3 Labels” and “Image Labels” types tiles