Threshold with esp and blynk

I need a threshold temp sketch or example to use my esp32 with relay and ds82b20, I will use it for my car heater and charger to my car to turn on/off automatic depends on outside temperature, if its ±0 degress then car heater start and when its +10 its disabled! Anyone?

Where is the Blynk question in this?


Hi Pete

I need to see temp value and also a on/off button and if possible a day week timer funktion!

Okay, but that’s not what you said in our original post.

You’ve also created another post asking for a non-Blynk Arduino sketch to be converted into one that will run on an ESP32, which was closed as it wasn’t Blynk related.

This sounds very similar, as although your final project will need to send data to Blynk, what you’re asking for in your original request is code that will run on an ESP32 and take readings via a ds82b20 sensor and control a relay based on these readings.

My advice (which you don’t seem interested in, but which I’ll give anyway) is to increase your coding skills and experiment with both Blynk and non-Blynk sketches so that you understand how to take a temperature reading with this sensor, how to control a relay, and how to send data to Blynk.
There is no way that you will find a sketch that does exactly what you want without any modification, especially given your apparent requirement for Bluetooth communication with the device, so you’ll need to understand the various code snippets that you use, and understand how to combine and debug them effectively.