I share with you one of the few projects that I have updated due to the new Blynk policy. From now on I will look for another platform that does not change its policies so often. I was a paying user of the old Blynk and I spent more than 50 euros in “energy” that I lost. But hey this is something else. I leave you an electronic thermostat.

This program controls the heating through a home automation thermostat. The device is made up of:

  • Wemos D1 mini
  • I2C SHT30 temperature sensor
  • Control button
  • pug&play wemos board to connect the hardware
  • Shelly 1 relay as final control device
    A mqtt broker is installed in the Wemos that is responsible for sending the orders to the heating control relay and can be used for thermostat settings. In addition, the thermostat control code is also developed.
    For the configuration and control of the home automation thermostat, there is an app developed in Blink.