Thermometer widget

I’ve started Blynk usage day by day so I will post lots of things.
Widget request. Thermometer. I’m sure it will be popular for all of the applications from home brewery hardware to full house automation.

Blynk usually don’t make custom or specifically focused widgets unless you use their commercial services.

It’s widget ideas topic. And thermometer will be very useful widget.

As an alternative, you can use Gauge widget and change the color according to the temperature ( for this particular purpose)
You can find below more details:


Thanks. We very have similar widget in plans.

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Nice. Will try. Thank you.

Thank you. Waiting for them.

It’s great that we can change the widget color. It makes it much easier to quickly read values from multiple sources.

At the risk of sounding greedy - Blynk is already doing an excellent job expanding their platform - it’d be great if the history graphs could use the same colors selected with each value widget. The history graph is an incredibly powerful tool already but being able to match the line colors with their value sources would be helpful. Just a thought.

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Would also be great to be able to use Gauge to SET values as well as display them, so that we can save valuable screen space. Sort of a Gauge + Slider in one widget!

i just thought about his long enough to realise it will save me so much space,

BUT it could be on/off button, slider, plus value display!

three in one!

my roof space extraction fan, has three widgets:

  1. auto/off button
  2. temperature slider to decide temp to turn on in auto mode
  3. small value display for temp

combine these and you can have a mega widget!