The use of Blynk over BT/BLE with no connection to the internet/servers

Hello Blynk community

I did a quick search on the blynk forum and did find this question posed once, sometime last year:

I do not require access to the server since i am using a BLE connection type and i noticed that the sketch on my hardware still transmits to the app when i remove the internet connection which tells me that to keep the app running i also do not need a connection to the server. All this being said, is there a work around to the connection link mentioned in the post above i.e. Hardware <– BT/BLE –> App <– internet –> Server? Some of the functions i came across in my searches looked promising, such as the blynk.config() and blynk.disconnect(), but i could not find any deeper explanation as to how these worked as the docs seemed somewhat vague. From what i have read, the first obstacle will be to somehow store the app created on blynk onto the phone that the blynk app is running on, and then persuade the blynk app to load the created app from the phone? or if the phone’s memory, or an SD card connected to the phone, acts as local server of sorts?
I am not sure if there are plans in place that are looking into this since blynk seems to be providing more support for the BT/BLE connetion type. This would be very useful because it sort of defeats the purpose of designing hardware to operate on BLE/BT only to still need an internet connection to interact with the hardware.

The Server is ALWAYS needed… that is where your account and projects reside (not in the App) and all communication passes through it.

You can look at going the Local Server route… that will not require internet to run, just a network, but will still be needed to link your phone and devices (even with BT/BLE).

Hello @Gunner

Thank you for your response. I am thinking that may be a work around, however, only if its possible to use the smart phone as the server of sorts and to achieve this without the use of a network. Is there a way to trick blynk into thinking its connected to a server when its connected to my phones memory or an SD card?

Also could you please elaborate on the use case for Blynk.config and blynk.disconnect?
Thanks in advance.

That has been asked before, but the server needs to run on a system running java, and something a little more capable than a typical phone.

Blynk is an Internet of Things process… no sense in trying to drastically reinvent/degrade this wheel from worldwide usage to hamster cage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Say you need to do something else with the WiFi for a short while (AP scan? etc.), so you disconnect your device’s WiFi from the Server, run your other code and then reconnect to see/control as per normal with the App.

Thank you @Gunner for all your responses. Okay i guess there is no working around the need for a network/server.