The time period of Values Exported from VirtualPins
as i know data will be averaged in 1 minute.
as i know it is not possibe without use DB on Server Store the The Values of VirtualPins live(less than one min.) So what about this for future?
I mean in Disabled DB State(without enable DB) is it possible in future we Store Several Values of VirtualPins in less than one Min… (for example time period will be 1 Sec.)?
i need Store The Values of VirtualPins in second.
Now we have Live Time in The Superchart.

Just wondering, what’s the use actual use-case?
In enterprise space we only heard such a request for a medical industry system.

Interesting what kind of “home” project requires such a high-resolution data.


It is enough to store under a limited setting to manage storage.
I want calculate the temprature and humidity values And log it.
Every sec i get a value and i want to store that and finally draw a chart. (Maby you call it industy use)

Could you share the purpose of 1sec data resolution? Or how it will affect your project if you set to 1 or 15min?

Are you tracking a trend? Or you are corelating temperature to some other telemetry?

Also, if you use DHT sensors, they glitch with such frequent readings.

I have a PT100 Sensor to calculate temp. and get it to a electrical cicuite for cooking a cake so sometimes system got a fault and i want to use blynk for control that and log the data so sometimes that i Need that see datas in high frequnty time period

Another case is:
I havea sensor mp6000 and acs7xx and i need to store the data for some day with second time period.
That is good that we have live view on superchart bit i need to know when data got fault so i need to store data i.e. For a day with second time period and check it every day for any fault but now data are averaged and in minute. For my case now it is not possible now to create project.

Hola , pudiste ver algo ? yo estoy igual que vos , quiero medir temperatura con una termocupla PT100