The thorny subject of pricing plans

I’ve recently discovered the limitation on templates as part of the pricing plans. I think it is a recent change?

For the plus plan it is `10 templates for 10 devices and with the upgrade within the plus plan to 20 devices it is still just 10 templates.

In my case, and I would suspect in a number of home hobby guys, our devices are unique and therefore may require a unique template. I can understand for businesses they may have just a few templates and many devices. But the scenario may be different for the plus subscribers. In my case it would make the purchase of the additional 10 devices useless. I would happily upgrade to 20 devices if the number of templates increased in line with devices. So I’ll remain on just the 10 device plan and save myself some beer money.

There is also another anomaly I believe.
For $5/month we get 10 templates. 10 devices and 80 widgets/template.
At $11/month (slightly more than double to price) we only get 10 additional devices. It appears that the functionality per $ decreases by upgrading to 20 rather than remaining the same or increasing?

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Similar issue with the mismatch between web hooks available and devices in your plan… you should be guaranteed at least one webhook per device, or the ability to have a webhook for any device in a template… that being said, a limit of 1 webhook per minute is going to make that feature unusable for me anyways.


For webhooks, these are old limits. The user meant the new limits on templates

Hi! Can you please explain your use case in more detail? Trying to understand why 1 request per minute is not feasible in your project

Hello @Pavel and @Dmitriy. Perhaps you would be able to feedback on my observations above. I am really pleased that Blynk listened to the foundation of your original DIY users and offered an incremental device upgrade within the plus plan. Conceptually very good. However, practically, I don’t understand why the offer is more expensive with less functionality per $ than the base 10 device subscription. Was this unintentional? If so are you able to rectify it by reducing the 20 device subscription in line pro rata with the 10 device subscription, allow 20 templates (so the additional 10 devices can be used) and perhaps increase the number of widgets? This would offer economies of scale for the subscriber and also better represent the concept of fixed and variable costs for Blynk and the subscriber.

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