The PWM output on ESP 8266 is only varying from 0 to .8 volt

I am just new to Blynk. I have made some projects using arduino uno and ESP 8266.When I was just playing with Blynk to create a demo project using esp 8266 I noticed that pin output when I declare it as PWM output only varies from 0 to .8 volt while I tried with UNO it varies from 0 to 5 volts that is fine. I am using ESP 01 with only access to 2 pins GPIO 0 and GPIO 2. Also when I declared these pin as digital output it works fine and give 3.3 volt as output.Any idea ?

I think you could just work with pinMode() - it’s more reliable.

I had the same issues. If you ask me, PWM is notoriously unreliable on any ESP. I’ve tried different ones. It may have to do with the power you are supplying to it though.

Thanks for your valuable feedback.I wonder how people are working with esp and rf remote.I doubt that at this voltage esp can send reliable rf signal