Thanks for your review? [Suspicious Email]

Today I receive this strange email.

Hello friend,

Thank you so much for leaving us a review on Capterra! We got soooo many kind words we didn’t even expected. It was very inspirational. Thank you!

Guys from Capterra told us they check every posting manually !.. can you imagine that? That’s why it took them so long to process all of the reviews. They and us say sorry for that.

Anyway, reviews are posted and next week we will announce the winners!

If your review is among first 20, you are getting the certificate 100% . All the other winners will be chosen by the sketch that will generate random numbers. We will run it on some Arduino board and post a video of this process.

In case you missed the whole thing, you can still leave us a review here.

Stay tuned for the next week and good luck! !

Pavel from Blynk
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I removed the links because looks so wrong… Start with
And the email is from the same place.
Anyone know about this?! Looks link a email campaign or a malware…

It was a follow-up from an earlier email by @Pavel to encourage Blynk users to leave a review of Blynk on the Captera website.


The last time I used the blynk was about one year ago, and I receive a random email from blynk.
Looks legit!

I received too.

Guys, it’s our email. All is good.

Looks like previous email about reviews got to spam for some people… but second one got through.

Sorry for the confusion

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