Thanks Blynk (data stream limit)

I have a 24 zone sprinkler system app hobby that I’ve finally got around to converting over to the new blynk app. got a manual on/off button, a time input, and an actual time run - so 3 data streams per zone. By the time I got everything I needed to make it all work I ended up with 116 data streams.
I got all this working a couple months ago, now I want to go make a change to the events tab and after making a few minor notification changes I greeted with - You have reached the max number of Data Streams you can create. Why thanks Blynk!! really appreciate you throwing this in after the fact. so I go to my data streams tab and it only shows to top 80 data streams. I mean… it only took me a good part of an after noon to setup all those data streams. Guess I could up grade to Plus, but 10x the price for just a hobby project? not really worth it. Now, how to cut out data streams?? when I can’t even see them all?
I get it that Blynk still getting everything setup in Blynk 2.0 – but – blynk 1.0 sure did spoil us!

You are on PLUS plan right now, correct?

Yes, I believe so. Sorry about that rant, really admire what you guys have built, and I’ll gladly pay $5 a month for my hobby projects here. Just can’t really justify the pro plan yet for me and a handful of friends. Maybe someday! So ya, I can go back through my data streams and try to figure out how to cut it back to 80, but the websites only showing me 1-80 here and some of the ones that I could try doing without are down below. For some reason I can’t scroll any farther. What am I doing wrong? Guess I could go try on another computer.

It’s a bug. We fixed it already. The fix will be deployed in the next few days.

Blynk is not perfect. We’re currently looking for a compromise with limits between different plans. I agree PLUS → PRO is no go just because of data streams.

Sorry for inconvenices.

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Ok! Thanks, I’ll just wait till the weekend to go through and get those deleted so I can make changes to notifications again. Also be really nice once we’re able to have just the moblie app for the device they use show up in their account instead of having to assign them to staff role and they can see/control all my sprinklers. Somewhere it was suggested that this might be a bug as well. Maybe it’s changed since I last tried. Link to previous conversation.

Any idea when this update will roll out?