Text to speech support on Blynk?

Hello! I am building a sign language to speech convertor using an Arduino Nano board. I need help converting some sensor value inputs corresponding to certain signs into speech. I need a text to speech library that can output the audio through my android device.

Blynk doesn’t have a text-to-speech library. You’ll need to find a 3rd party library.


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Thank you. Is it possible to direct the data to Google TTS API from the Blynk app? To perform this function? Or using the Android device’s own text-to-speech engine?

As far as I’m aware, the Blynk app doesn’t have the hooks in place to allow this to happen.

You could use a device running Blynk to generate speech from text inputted via the app, but I guess this isn’t what you’re looking for?


I see. And true, that is not what I am looking for. Will it work if I get my code to send in text/strings to the app? That is, if I direct my Arduino program to send in information to the Blynk App as words?

Also, thank you so much for responding so patiently!