Text input and terminal input dont work with barcode reader at android and ios apps

Hi. I test the data input with the widgets. I find that when I capture manual the input for text input or/ and terminal evething is ok. But, when i use barcode reader keyboard like input for the widgets, don´t work. When I use the barcode reader keyboard with other app like Word or Notepad at the Android or ipad, the automatic capture with the barcode keyboard is normal and perfect. The barcode keyboard that i use is the Niko Keyboard .

In case of any suggest, i ready for test. Thank you.

I can confirm I am also unable to get this to transfer the captured text into Blynk. It goes through the motions, but nothing shows in Blynk.

I does work in other Apps I have tested, including Virtuino… so it does seem like a restriction in cross App data transfer with Blynk

The actual text input widget work good but need more features or diferent operation.
The operation at Windows, Linux, Android and ios is than when i read text input the input process begin with the special control characters like enter, LF, etc. With this standard is posible use any codereader scanners, any keyboards, etc.
With the text input widget the manual input is normal (human normal) but the use with other devices don´t work.
Por other side, the texbox input need clear the text when the enter or input process is activated. At other case, the next step for send more text include first clean the textbox.
I think than may be than only will be necesary add one control character or the combination. Only is question of to check the standard.

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I agree, accessibility issues represent legal barriers to using the software for government work in numerous countries.
Support for screen readers soon becomes a legal issue rather than a ‘nice to have’ feature.

Submit the idea and arguments why it’s needed here:


@itelmex I merged your topics are they are related… and as already mentioned, all ideas are requested in a different format (roadmap) now.

I agree… and even referenced some these limitations at Widget launch.

Supposedly this was done on purpose?