Testing Edgent but does seem to block the code

Hello guys! I’m testing Edgent but without success but i’m too clueless at the moment about what’s going on. Using Edgent Example , blynk@1.1.0, and WEMOS D1 Mini.
Terminal log stucks on : [21116] Ready (␀
The device is seen as online but other than that it does nothing as not even a simple blynk timer with Blynk.virtualWrite(V5, millis() / 1000); sends data to the server.
If i Serial print on loop it will only print once and then logging is from Blynk.
Board is defined.
What am i missing?! I haven’t even started to create code.

Thanks for the help

It’s difficult to say from your description. The actual text that appears on the serial monitor from boot-up, along with the sketch would be useful.

Also, how have you configured the min/max values for your V5 datastream?


Hello Pete,
Here it is:
[398] --------------------------
[401] Product: Falcon
[403] Firmware: 1.1.0 (build Jul 13 2022 03:26:30)
[408] Token: AJno - •••• - •••• - ••••
[414] Device: ESP8266 @ 80MHz
[416] MAC: 58:BF:25:D7:31:3A
[420] Flash: 4096K
[422] ESP core: 2.7.4
[423] ESP SDK: 2.2.2-dev(38a443e)
[427] Boot Ver: 31
[428] Boot Mode:1
[430] FW info: 464128/2678784, MD5:664845bcd131b5daa838260a5b86773e
[634] Free mem: 30840
[634] --------------------------

[641] Connecting to WiFi: Teste
[1769] Using Dynamic IP:
[16997] Current time: Wed Jul 13 02:45:40 2022
[16997] Connecting to blynk.cloud:443
[18099] <[1D|00|01|00] AJnoAol8i_olPftdlMavMntI2Rqm7FpU
[18162] >[00|00|01|00|C8]
[18162] Ready ␁␀␀␀␀

Yes, i configured the min/max. But either way i’m confused that i can’t even achieve a simple dumb situation like Serial.println() on loop function. it will not print, but the Wemos replies to cloud restart orders.

Please add triple backticks before and after your serial potput so that it displays correctly.

Please also do the same thing when you get around to posting your sketch.

Triple backticks look like this::