Test Flight and Blynk V 0.0.3

I received the message that the new version is out. I clicked on the “View Update” button in the email, which loaded TestFlight. The new Blynk version failed to load and I received the following message
“The requested app is not available or doesn’t exist” There is an option to “Try Again”. I did kill TestFlight, turn the phone off, restarted everything with the same results. I also downloaded another app just to be sure that iTunes store was working as well as my account.


App was approved by Apple and you can download it now. Sorry for the confusion, but this is how Apple treats it’s customers :smile:

Thank you sir. Hope when this is all done you still have some hair left!



I hate to even bring it up, I tried the to get the new version again. Results are the same as my original post. If I am missing something, please let me know.

Thank you


Just to add another wrench in to the mix. If I try to accept the invite from my gmx account, I get the message as noted in my first post. If I try to accept the invite from my gmail account, it will not let me because it says I have already accepted the invite! Oh boy. In the mean time I had tried to uninstall the original app, therefore at the current time, I no longer have the Blynk app and have no way to get it back! Thanks Apple, they could not have made it more difficult.


Yeah, it’s really frustrating. The whole experience could have been better. iTunes Connect is down at all, which means I can’t resend invites, can’t invite new people.

I’ve re-invited you. Let me know if it worked