Terminal widget issue


Terminal widget don’t interpret the carriage return (line feed)

Web version


App Android version is ok


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Thank you for your attention. Bug fixed. Deployment coming soon

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hello has deployment been done
I have tested the console and phone widget terminal displays
and they are not the same.
still see the above issue that was listed

Yes issues are still here, broken lines in Web terminal widget


more issues with terminal widget that need fixing.
widget is dropping information.
works fine on phone but console widget is dropping information
this a not a small problem and needs a bug fix

I’m wondering if a small snippet of the code used to generate this would be useful?


Unfortunately we can not display the code without removing the code between the mesh C2 gateways and the ESP32 gateway interfaces to blynk for security reasons.
To remove this code would make the snippit from the ESP32 devices unreadable.
What we have noticed is the loss of information at the web console end, is dependent on what time of the day a request to blynk is made.
As mentioned the data is only lost at the web console end not the phone end. So the widget response is reaching blynk ok .
We will try slowing down the transmission rate between sentences to give blynk time to digest the information.
hopefully this solves the problem.

ok so it looks like blynks ingest engine is not fast enough to handle fast input text messages or long text messages.

Testing with a couple of text message lines is fine anymore than this and it starts to drop information.

if you try and send a long text message the line will break.

The work around

Is to send short messages and delay 500msec after each second line of text to give blynk time to catch up.

avoid newlines and returns . use terminal flush after each line.

this keeps your text from breaking and keeps phone and console terminal widget neat and tidy.
the console display will be a bit slower but works fine.