Terminal widget breaks lines

I am using the following:
terminal.println("Temperature: " + String(temp));
in a NodeMCU v3. As you can see in the image I get lines break and printed on a new line.

and the temperature at least is displaying one one line…

Without seeing the rest of your code (posted with triple backticks so that it displays correctly) it’s impossible to know what’s giving the other results.


Hi Peter!

I just used a simple line, but braking seems to happened in certain quantity of letters. The whole terminal printing section is as follows:

      terminal.print("  ");
      terminal.println(" Battery Voltage: "+String(vin));
      terminal.println(" Altitude(m): "+String(GPSAltitude));
      terminal.println(" Speed(km/h): "+String(windSpeed));
      terminal.println(" Satelites#: "+String(satelites_count));
      if (celsTemp > 200) { terminal.println(" T/H: Error!"); }
      else {
      terminal.println(" Temperature: "+String(celsTemp));
      terminal.println(" Humidity: "+String(humidity));

I thought that println method just cuts the line and positions the marker at the begging of the next line. It appears the widged terminal.println it is not functioning the same way as Serial.println

You didn’t do this bit, so I’ve done it for you - this time.


Thx for your quick response

I had No changes when I posted as follows:
terminal.println("'Temperature: '" + String(temp)); (same to the other few lines with println)

which is double outside and single quote inside, so total triple.

You have to experiment a bit when combining data with a Serial/terminal print…

terminal.println("Temperature: " + String(temp));
// or
terminal.println("Temperature: ", String(temp));
// or
terminal.print("Temperature: ");


:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking: Just a single “quotation” mark at beginning and end of string

It doesn’t matter to anything I have done. The line breaks on the 58th symbol. So thru 57 it is all good, on the 58 goes automatically on a new line NO MATTER WHAT.

I think you misunderstood what I was saying about triple backticks.
I wasn’t suggesting that you add multiple quotes to the terminal.println command.

When you post a block of code in this forum, it has to be preceded and followed with three backtick characters so that it displays correctly. This is explained in the text that appears when you create a new topic. I’d reminded you of this when I asked you to post your code, and when you ignored this request I edited your code to correct your mistake.


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Sounds like a buffer issue… try sending less before the terminal.flush() command.

To Whomever reads this post:

The Terminal widget println method has issue. It prints line, but after the 57th symbol cuts the line automatically and starts from the next row.
If you do flush before that part(the 57th symbol), it leaves an empty row between the printed lines.

You appear to be experiencing a problem that others haven’t experienced, but you don’t provide sufficient information for the issue to be explored in any real detail.

Are you using Cloud or Local server?

Have you tried this example sketch:

If you have now figured-out how to use triple backticks then you should post your complete code (minus Wi-Fi credentials and Auth code).