Terminal, VirtualWrite formatting of content

I’ve read all the threads on the forum. Perhaps I am too much of a newbie so I am getting lost easily but…

I want to display serial monitor content on Blynk terminal using virtualWrite.
I want each piece of information be on a new line (Like using serial,println for the serial monitor).
Following threads I have successfully got the info to appear in terminal but without the formatting.
I looked at using terminal widget and just got confused since concensus seems to be to use virtualWrote… but then I am unclear how to force the formatting.

relevant code snippet is:

//print the "Feels like" temperature to the serial monitor
 printf("Feels like : % .0f\n", OWOC.current->apparentTemperature);
//now display it on Blynk terminal
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, ("Feels like : % .0f\n", OWOC.current->apparentTemperature));

//print the cloud cover info to the serial monitor
printf("Current cloudcover is : % .0f\n", OWOC.current->cloudCover);
//now display it on Blynk terminal
Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, ("Current cloudcover is : % .0f\n", OWOC.current->cloudCover));

I am using iOS App, Code is running on esp32, compiled in Sketch through Arduino IDE

There is a much simpler way.
Put a jumper across the Tx snd Rx pins on your board and echo every piece of serial data to Blynk like this…

The jumper needs to be removed before doing a sketch upload via the serial cable, but can stay in place if you are using OTA updates.

As it says in the link, I use a variable to control whether the serial output should be echoed to the terminal, which is set via a button attached to a virtual pin, but for testing purposes you could set the variable to true when it’s declared.


thanks - ill give it a go now and let you know how I get on