Terminal String length limitations

Using Blynk cloud server
Blynk library: 1.0.1
Hardware: ESP32 over either Wi-Fi or Sim800L GSM
ESP32 core version: 1.0.6

this topic was opened before but never reached this limits, I need the hardware to respond to a terminal command with a JSON object string that contains all the system configurations, my string exceeded 1000 characters and can easily exceed 2500 characters in future deployments.
After testing; the maximum limit I managed to transfer was exactly 1024 characters, even the #define BLYNK_MAX_SENDBYTES 2000 didn’t help, once the String exceeds this limit; the response never reaches cloud.
the limit is not within the board as the String got printed over Serial with no problem.

Any idea how to go around this limitation is appreciated.

Hello. Yes, this is the default limit for string messages from the hardware. You can’t change it. However, you can split message on multiple chunks.

Ok , thanks.:+1:t3: