Terminal problems with IOS

I have the Blynk 2 app installed on my iPhone and iPad The iPhone 10 and the iPad are at IOS level 14.6. I have a sketch that issues a terminal.clear(); at the end of the setup routine. Neither device clears the terminal window when the sketch is started.

The other problem is with terminal.flush(). The iPhone works correctly, but the iPad is very erratic. I issue a flush after each terminal.println , but the iPad will sometimes queue up a bunch of lines before being displayed.

I’d suggest putting that in BLYNK_CONNECTED() function.

Are both devices running the same version of the Blynk app?


You’re magic! That fixed both of the apps. Both devices are using Blynk IoT version 3.2.3(1)

The flush problem went away. I was using only the iPad, and had the problem. Then, to test, I installed Blynk 2 on my iPhone and it worked OK. I didn’t recheck the iPad at that time, but it seems that running it on the iPhone Somehow ??? cleared up the problem.

Botom line is that I am a happy camper now… Thanks

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