Terminal not visible to users

Dear team

My client reported me that terminal widget is not visible to them from past 15 days. Unless I make them admin not even in staff role. Please look into the matter

Android app 1.14.5

Hello. Please clarify. Not visible where - on the device dashboard or in the widgets list? Also, what does it mean “not visible”? You don’t see the widget or you don’t see the data in it? Do you use isHidden properties?

Widget itself is not visible to users. I’m not aware of ‘ishidden’ property, niether used it.

@Seth_MSR do you use pages? Please show you dashboard screen and what users see.

Where is this widget set? In the device dashboard, or device info page?

  1. If it is in device dashboard: Did you check the datastreams of the devices affected - they may have received the isHidden property, which is the only possible explanation for the widget being hidden in the dashboard with other widgets. You can check that in Console, go to the device, its datastreams - check the properties column.

  2. If it is on the device info page: Check that page access roles in its settings.

It’s in Device info page, please share the exact role access setting name.
I’m not able to find out in Roles page.

open those page in developer mode
press on settings icon in topbar
tap on ‘Who can see this Page’ block in page settings screen
you need to allow user roles in both blocks in opened screen

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That works thanks a lot