Terminal Keeps Repeating Messages

Hi folks,

Any idea why the Terminal keeps repeating messages? If I close the application, and reopen it again it shows the correct messages I expect to see, after some minutes 5, or so if I open the Terminal again, a bunch of the same messages are there(repeated), same messages same time, etc.

iOS 11.2.5

Thank you.

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Before creating the topic

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  2. Check http://docs.blynk.cc and http://help.blynk.cc/
    3. Add details :
    • Hardware model + communication type. For example: Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield
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@italex33 As instructed (when you first created this topic) Please supply more details of the exact issue and perhaps the code you are using in case it is something there that is re-triggering the terminal print.


I using the Photon, iOS latest, I am using the latest and greatest Blynk library(is loaded automatically into the particle Web IDE), no local server I mean I am using the Blynk Server.

Might need your code as well… and perhaps screenshot showing the repeated data.

However, I seem to recall a relatively recent issue where others were complaining that terminal wasn’t retaining info when the App was closed and reopened… so what you might be seeing is the intended result?

Here is a screen shot. As you can see, I am suppose to see 4 messages only indicated by the seconds. “Rolling” means door is opening or closing. After some minutes I open Blynk, then I see a duplicated set of messages. If I close the application and reopen it, I see 4 messages only which is what I am expecting to see.

I will try to post the code later. Hopefully we can figure out where the problem might be.

So the duplicated messages come and go as you close and reopen the App? Does this process repeat each time you open and close the App?

PS don’t worry about the image… these new 2:1 ratio phone images get “cropped” like that, until clicked on… frustrating, but oh well…

I don’t have iOS, and I can not duplicate any similar issue on Android… are you sure your code is NOT sending out duplicate terminal prints? Can you scroll up the terminal screen to see if it is repeating?

This happens if I leave the application running in the background. After some minutes, bang! Messages are repeated.

If I complete close the app, and re-open it, then I see the messages I am expecting to see. In this case will be 4 messages. In my opinion, my code is not re-sending the messages. They will be with a different time, am I right?

I guess it depends on how your code send it, whether there are any sync commands, etc… I can’t see how it would have that delayed reaction another way.

My project does the same, but I know why and am just too lazy to fix it. It’s in the way your .print messages are scripted in your sketch. You’ll need to create a boolean that changes states when the condition changes, and only terminal.print your message upon the state change of the boolean.

I will review more the code, hopefully I will pinpoint where the issue is.

Consider what happens with every iteration of the function/loop.

Yes, Skybound, I am planing to do that. I need to check what you mentioned: conditions, boolean, etc.

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@italex33 @s.d.engineering do you have iOS too?

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Yes i have.
i have this problem with android and ios.

Where is my post? (How Gone?):face_with_raised_eyebrow::slightly_smiling_face:

As warned multiple times before, stop with the “me too” posting in others topics… often your issues are unrelated.

are you sure? my issues are unrelated?

Often, unrelated. At the time of your “MeToo” even this OP’s issue wasn’t clarified. Yours involved NodeJS and LX Terminal. Please create your own topic with DETAILS.