Terminal history in device tile still broken

I’ve sent mails before regarding this and have not received any progress on it so I’ll make a post here for discussions regarding my issue.


  • Latest local server
  • Latest library
  • Latest android app
  • Galaxy S8 running Android 7.0.1

Using Terminal Widget in a device tile template makes terminal widget loose its “history” data.
I’m not entirely sure what is causing this but some thoughts go to:

  • Me stopping/running project for testing purposes
  • Me putting my test device to sleep
  • A combination of the above

I’m making about 7-10 writes to terminal per wake-cycle of my device, and it seems that this bug retains my last write, and tripples it.

There is no issue with my code since it all works as it should when “operational” hence I defer from posting it until requested.

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Thanks for the detailed description. Yes, history for terminal widget within device tiles widget is not yet implemented. Created ticket - https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server/issues/847

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Thanks :+1: :slight_smile:

@Fettkeewl the issue is fixed.


Much appreciated :smiley: