Temporarly ignored Blynk command

Hi everyone. I have a basic room heater control with blynk. Blynk android app is ok but there is something absent in physical world about visual. I add a nextion lcd to command in parallel room heater with Blynk.

My first issue is which one will be master ? In my scenario, younger peoples in the house (who can use smartphone) can control heater in Blynk android app easily. The other side, elder people (who cant use smartphone or dont want do :slight_smile: ) can control heater by LCD touch screen. I chose LCD, that master one. Blynk app will secondary. If one of LCD user change the heat, heat will change and Blynk app commands will ignored. I ensured that with this part of code;

BLYNK_WRITE(V0)                    // V0 is desired temp slider

  if (nextion_forced == 0)         // if LCD in standby mode
    int pinValue = param.asInt();  // Blynk could change the heat
    set = pinValue;                // SET is desired temp from V0 pin
  else  // If LCD in command
    Serial.println("Blynk control ignored.");  
    set = set_nextion;      // SET is desired temp from LCD

But in this situation, Blynk app user change the heat by slider for example “26”, the slider remains in “26”
I think for these situations, Blynk control elements (buton, slider, ± butons etc) should have third position. 1. ON 2.OFF and 3.DISABLED.

When a control element disabled by the code, in Blynk app this control must be recognize and its value should not be changed. Some examples;

  1. Master device was changed the set temprature of the room by physical buton, Blynk app only watch cant change. In Blynk app set temprature element must be in disabled position.

  2. Blynk app has water pump on/off buton. But this buton will disabled when the soil moisture more than %90 to prevent overwatering by mistake.

  3. The door has a RFID controlled lock system also Blynk app has a on/off buton to operate same lock. At nights, Blynk app button will disabled for the security. Or your phone stolen :astonished: easily switch another physical buton from “RFID+BLYNK mode” to “only RFID mode”. then Blynk app buton will disabled.

  4. An automated window blind (curtain, stor etc) can control by Blynk. If the blind reach the max position with Blynk 's soft “+” buton (physical limit switch will triggered) then Blynk app “+” buton will disabled. The user only can press “-” buton to open blind.

etc… I think eventor could handle like this " when…pin HIGH …buton is DISABLED"

What do you think? Would not it be nice?:grinning: