Templates not showing up in android app

I am on the Maker Plan and have only 2 templates created in the web dashboard but only one of the templates shows up in the android app (using 1.13.7(161)).
One template is called Water Level and is showing up.
The second one is called Water flow Meter and is not showing up.
I have a third template called solar Actuator but it is inactive in part because I was unable to get it to show up in the android app either so I re-created it on a different platform where it is working perfectly in both web and android apps.
Not sure why the other 2 templates are not showing up in the android app as I understand they should have appeared automatically once they were working in the web dashboard.
I would greatly appreciate hearing from someone who actually works for Blynk to respond as I am now paying for the service, however any suggestions are welcome.

Hello. Has that started happening recently or has this issue been there for a long time?

I see the “bad” template was created a year ago. When we had a similar bug. Right now the only fix is to recreate the template. Due to this bug, some templates were created without mobile part. That’s you don’t see it on the mobile.

Thanks for the reply Dmitriy. I think you are right about how long ago I created the water flow meter template. I only really started using it about a month ago.

The Solar Actuator template is only about a month old though and I could never get it to show up in the android app either. Not sure why that is.

I can recreate the water flow meter template but unless I’m mistaken I’ll have to update the credentials and reload the sketch on to the ESP8266 as well so it will have to wait a bit as I’m tied up with other stuff right now.

If it still doesn’t show up after I recreate it, I’ll let you know.

Thanks again