Template sizes

Is there a way of changing the size of the templates? It seems like there is unneeded space on the ones with single and double values and I have to scroll up and down on my phone to see all the data. If the templates were a bit smaller in height then scrolling would be unnecessary.
Can a way of resizing be added ?

Hello, there are no plans for this yet. Template is auto-increased when widgets are added.

Could you please post a screenshot or video explaining the issue?

Here is a screen shot.
I would like to have temples that are not as tall so I can fit all of them on the screen . Right now the wrench covers up online data read out and I had to carefully scroll to see all of it.

Your screenshot hasn’t uploaded correctly.


Did you get the screenshot when I resent it ? I see it beside this reply window.


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I agree with you!
Waste space .

Yes, @Pavel this is something for us to work over.

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This is already planned

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Thank you.