Template not visible in mobile app (2024)

I have a template created in the web dashboard and one device created from that template. All is working ok on the web dashboard since mid 2022. However my mobile devices (Apple nor Android) do not see the template nor the device (I only tried this for the first time today). Creating a new template on the web dashboard works fine and the template is visible on the mobile app. Changing items such as data streams in the template do not force a sync with the mobile app.

This topic has been discussed a couple of times already (2021-2022) with the proposed solution to delete the template and recreate it. That is a possible workaround but a bit unfortunate as that device has been running for almost two years now without issues.

It is clear this is not a blocking issue, but maybe it should be added to the bug list and handled whenever considered relevant.



Hello @pierredebuysscher.
What template or device are your applications not seeing?

Hi, it’s the one called “ADSLmonitor”, both template and device.

has this been identified as a bug in the mean time?



Hello @pierredebuysscher.

Template contains mobile tile. Most likely, the mobile tile has been damaged or deleted. Due to the fact that the template/device is old, the mobile tile may have been damaged due to some error. These are very rare cases. In this case, we will not be able to retun the mobile tile.

I think in such cases it is better to create a new template, and device from this template.