Template limit reached

When I create an new template in the console , it tell me “Template limit reached”
I have 9 template only.
Have the plus plan
Can you have an look on the issiue


Hi @TorNor,

Please clarify the error “Template limit reached” or “Tile Template limit reached”

Dmitriy from Blynk

I think user has broken mobile template. Need to investigate

Hello. Do you create templates from the web? When did you do it last time?

It was an ghost or broken template in the app, I deleted it in app
Now a I am able to create 10 template in the console
Thanks Oleksii, Dmitriy



Thanks for the update. However, when I looked into your organization I didn’t see “ghost” template. Maybe I had a look after you already removed it. Anyway, good it is solved.

Hi Dmitriy
Can’t remember the exact time, but ½ hour after I created the post. I found a template on the phone with strange number. Then it was dinner time and after that I tested again.
I recall I had a mess with one template back in time, I could not delete due to some permision.


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