Template application for CC3220SF, TI CC3220SF in Blynk

As indicated in the following link:

it seems that Blynk supports Energia and TI Boards such as CC3220sf. Unfortunately I cannot get it running using Blynk template. You cannot even find the TI hardware on the template: Blynk.Console
Can somebody please help me?

Are you trying to do Dynamic or Static provisioning?


To be honest I do not know what is the difference.

Well I am following the steps shown video by Sachin:

I have got it working for my ESP8266 using the same approach.

That demonstrates Dynamic provisioning (WiFi credentials are not hard-coded in the sketch). This uses the Edgent template.

I can’t see an Edgent sketch for your board, but there is a static provisioning sketch for the Energia here…


Thank you for sharing and your help. I am confuse now. Can I still use the Blynk cloud to generate my application and run it?
Or do I have to generate my application using the old fashion approach?
Could you give me the steps that I need to take?

there’s a lots of valuable information in the documentation, make sure to check it out

I’m not quite sure what you mean by …

or by…

The app on the phone/tablet is created using the Blynk IoT app.
Templates and datastreams are best created in the web console, and if you’re not using dynamic provisioning then use the web console to generate the device and give you your auth token.

It might be better if you asked more specific and detailed questions, otherwise it’s difficult to know how to guide you, especially as most forum members wont have access to the hardware that you are using.


@vshymanskyy as I remember we do support this board for provisioning. Could you please comment?

Dear Pavel,
There is no Edgent sketch voor TI CC3220SF. As Peter suggested there is static provisioning sketch for the Energia which I start working on it.
Unfortunately it needs many header files, I progress reasonably but I start getting again many errors from header files during uploading on CC3220SF.
So any help is welcomed.

We do have support (including Blynk provisioning and secure OTA updates) for CC3220SF, but unfortunately cannot release it to the public at the moment. It is available on the contract basis.

Also, it’s not based on Energia, but on official SDK. TI dropped support for Energia long time ago

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Great that you support TI products. I use CC3220SF and MSP432 for my course Embedded System. All the projects are done in CCS (Code Composer Studio). So Energia is less relevant.
Last year I introduce for one assignment Blynk IoT. Then I could not get it running on TI modules. So due to the time limitation, I have proceeded using ESP8266 strangely enough. It was immensely popular by students.
I simply cannot afford to have a contract for one workshop, we are University. So, if there is any away around this, I would be glad to hear it.

It is also depends on the cost and ease of use.