Temperature control in several rooms, problems with read sensor value from server

I use a Wemos (A) card to control temperature in different rooms. I use a 433mhz card connected to Wemos to send signal on or off.
I control this via an app that shows temperature in the room and a slider that adjusts temperature to what I set it to. This works just fine. I have then set up a new Wemos (B) card that only records what temperature it is in room no. 2. This card then sends this temperature to the same app. The app shows the correct temperature in room 2. But the problem is that I cannot control this, as I do not get the temperature from Blynk server over to Wemos (A). Both cards have the same Auth Token. Is it a way I can get sensor value from Blynk server? So I can use it the following way: Send sensor value V5 from Wemos (B) to Blink server and get sensor value V5 to Wemos (A)?

Short answer… yes. Use different auth codes for each device and Bridge to share the info back and forth.