Hello. I wanted to ask how reliable the syncVirtual function is. How long can recorded information be stored. Can it be used instead of EEPROM?

How do you measure reliability?

So far Blynk servers uptime is over 99%. Once your data is there, it stays there.

Not a lot of wrong formulated question. In which case the information may disappear? For example, rebooting servers, maintenance, etc. And how do you think whether to completely abandon non-volatile memory, or from time to time to use?

How critical is your project?

If 99% uptime is not good enough you could probably pay a huge sum to have back up servers to give you closer to 100% uptime. If nuclear winter comes then you can forget the 100%.

ESP’s have a small amount of EEPROM but again a nuclear holocaust might mean you wait years for the system to find a suitable WiFi network etc.

Will people die if the system goes down?