syncAll on Blynk app launch

Is there any way to run Blynk.syncAll(); or some other command automaticaly at the moment when Blynk app is launched, so all virtual pins will be synchronized at app start up?
At the moment I do it maualy with push button.

@mtd do you not have the app running at all times?

Ups, sorry…
It works for value displays in my project. But is there any way to do it for LCD display widget?
I mean each time I launch Blynk app my LCD widget is cleared. Is there a way to send all my data to LCD when Blynk app starts or forced data to remain on LCD?

@mtd what version of app do you have and Android/iOS?

Hi, I’m using the last version of Blynk on Android.

I use LCD widget’s advanced settings. In my code I execute >lcd.print(x, y, “Your Message”);< only after slider/button’s value has changed or each 10 minutes after sensor is read.
That’s why because I don’t want to communicate with LCD widget all the time to avoid connection lost with Blynk cloud.

Or maybe I dont use it right?

@mtd Thank you for reporting. We will check, It could be a bug.

@mtd once more - are you absolutely sure you are using latest app? As we had fixed this issue in latest release.

Hi, I checked again. I updated app yesterday, also library today. I am using LG L90 Lollipop.
After I exit (or I put to backward) Blynk app, on next run all the data on LCD widget dissapear.
Should all the data remain on next run?

Yes, It should. Look like it is not fixed. We will check again. Thank you for reporting.

@mtd could you please also show your LCD settings?

Hi, sorry for delay. Here is my LCD settings.
Thank you.

The vaue display widgets show last value after Blynk app relaunch but LCD don’t…