Sync Blynk project with GitHub

Hey guys,

unfortunately I didn’t find an app that can compile for Arduino AND use Git. So I thought this could be a good feature to store or at least sync the files with e. g. GitHub to have a good version control and to be able to access everything from everywhere. I’m using iOS.
What do you think?

Best regards

Have you tried Atom IDE with PlatformIO plugin?
I don’t use it the way you’re proposing but
Atom comes natively with git integration (it’s written by github) And PlatformIO is capable of compiling and flashing your boards, so there is a fair chance that it supports your workflow.

Yes, I’m using Atom, but it’s not available for iOS / iPad…

Check out the docs of PlatformIO as recommended by @pecival

Lists a few option that might work on mobile devices (the cloud ones)