Switch widget on mobile dasboard goes out of sync with web dashboard

I’m experiencing a strange behavior when switching back to the main page from the second on the mobile dashboard. The mobile dashboard has one switch widget and one button on the main page. I have a second page with a numeric input widget. The button on the main page activates the second page.

Under normal operation the switch widget on both mobile and web dashboard stay in sync. If I switch to the second page on the mobile and then back to the main page the switch will revert to the off position if it was originally on. The switch on the web dashboard stays on and the datastream to the hardware still indicates the on value from the web dashboard.

Has anyone noticed this before?

I’m using an ESP8266, an Android phone and using Blynk library 1.2.0.

I don’t believe there’s a code problem as this occurs when the hardware is online or offline.

Hello, need full Blynk IoT app version.

Android app Version 1.10.1

Sounds similar to this issue…


Hi @rrmass

Please clarify, do you change the switch values when you are on the page?
And how exactly do you change its value?

Here are three pics showing the sequence of events.
One each you will see the Arduino serial monitor, the Mobile dashboard and the Web dashboard.

This pic shows all running normally. I can toggle the switch in either the web or mobile dash board and everything syncs fine.

This pic is the second page with the numeric input widget. I do not need to change values in the input widget, just hit the X to return to the main page.

The result after returning to the main page.

Hope this helps.

Hi @rrmass,

Рplease, specify whether you use Datastream which in a switch somewhere else? for example, on the page button ?

Dmitriy from Blynk

Hi Dimitry,

If I understand your question correctly:

The switch widget with the label “Enable” on the main page uses data stream V0 and that data stream is not used by any other widget.

The button on the main page points to the second page and does not use a data stream.

The numerical input widget on the second page “Setpoint” uses data stream V1 and is not used by any other widget.

Hi @rrmass,

Please specify whether you use the “Invalidate Value” option in this datastream?

Dmitriy from Blynk

Hi Dimitry,
Neither V0(switch widget) or V1(numerical input widget) datastreams use the “Invalidate Value” setting as I read in a previous post that this option had been disabled.

Hi Dimitry,
Interestingly everything is working properly now and I have not made any changes. Have you found an issue?

Just checked the app version on my phone. It changed from 1.10.1 to 1.10.2, so I guess you did change something.

Thank You