Switch size request

My old switches take 2 cells, the new can’t take less than 4 cells :thinking:


Slider could be less than 6 cells ?


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We were making changes to the min size of some widgets during the year. It did not affected already created ones. Do you propose to allow smaller sizes for switch/slider?

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It concerned web dashboard not android app.
Yes 2 cells size for switches is enough and 4 for sliders.
I think we’ll have push button soon :thinking:
Other idea :
It’ll be interesting to hide widgets.
Sometimes we need to have some extra controls without exposed them to end-user.
What do you think about?

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We already have such a function, if I understand you right.

There are 2 different ways to do that:

  • use isDisabled or isHidden property
  • Use Pages with permissions, so only trusted users can see the required widgtets. Pages currently implemented only on the mobile. Right now we’re working on adding them to the web as well.

do you mean “Roles and permissions” section ?

nothing about how to hide some widget to end-users
and isDisabled or isHidden property , not corresponded to my request maybe I’m wrong :thinking:

I tried both of them and both worked flawlessly.

I think that @Blynk_Coeur is talking about hiding widgets on the web dashboard, is that correct?


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Yes pete I noticed that, both worked fine on the web dashboard and mobile dashboard as well.

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That’s right Pete !

It could be a greyed out widget instead of hidden widget :thinking:

@Blynk_Coeur you mean like this

Yes but I need it in the web dashboard

The switch is disabled on both web dashboard and mobile dashboard.

Yes but it is disable for both admin and end-user
I need to disable or hide it only for end-users and keep control for me

We don’t have per widget permissions ( and most likely will not have in a foreseeable future)

You can use “Control Devices” permission per role (in PRO plan)

Hiding and disabling widget would affect all users including administrators as it was made to allow disabling certain functionality from hardware, not to limit user access to the widget

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I would really appreciate if the size of the button widget on the app dashboard could be minimized to the former format. The current minimum size needs a lot of space and it is actually oversized for a lot of applications. Thank you for considering my suggestion.